Simple Character Description - "Faces"

Demeanor: How the world sees this character
Water Reflection, distortion, spirituality, emotion
Basic Interpretation:
The swirling, fluid seas hold all the majesty and fluidity of human emotion. Water itself is the fundamental representative of spirituality, emotion, instinct and reflection. It is a fundamental force; without direction but able to be channeled by those who wish to focus its power. The currents of this card are always moving, sometimes turbulent but deeper than most suspect.
Nature: How this character sees themself
The Keep
The Keep Safety, protection, stability, inviolate and immovable, plan against unfortunate possibilities
Basic Interpretation:
The metal-clad Keep stands ready against any storm that might blow against its walls. The view from within the Keep may not always be the most comely, nor is the freedom many seek to be found here; but the Keep affords unshakable protection and safety to those who dwell within its walls.
Character Suggestions: A lover, a spiritual mentor, a child, a fisher.

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